Channel Islands Sperm Whale Surfboard – Shred Show ep. #5: Channel Islands Surfboards

Explore more: Channel Islands Sperm Whale by Channel Islands Surfboards. Dane Reynolds Sperm Whale surfboard hasn’t gotten as much buzz…

25 thoughts on “Channel Islands Sperm Whale Surfboard – Shred Show ep. #5: Channel Islands Surfboards”

  1. cheers man i really enjoy your show really good looking at boards at the
    moment and your show offers great advice on what to look for cheers one
    more thing which channel islands board would you say is the easiest to
    paddle but still allows for tricks and goes fast rail to rail in mushy and
    ok surf?

  2. You call that a “long and pronounced vee?” I see these in our glass factory
    all the time. Neat design, but check out the Stoker V Machines, and you’ll
    know what “pronounced VEE” is. 😉

  3. I’m tryng to shape a replica of the SW. May you send me the same measures
    asked by Kidkaelen? I keep going to watch your rewievs from Italy. Very
    well done videos!

  4. hey man, your videos are absolutely great!! THE BEST reviews online for
    sure, is there any chance you can talk about the “Scorpion” with Hawaiian
    Pro Designs – Donald Takayama?? cheers

  5. I have one and living in the uk as i do i have been loving it, goes very
    well in our waves but as soon as the waves get better it steps up its game
    too. really enjoying it.

  6. hey there ive been surfing with long boards for about 2 years now and
    looking to stepup to shortboards i surf mainly in summer time, would this
    board be best for the next step would it be like riding a longboard? oh and
    would it be best to get the 5’1 board my hight is 5’11 and i weight
    75kg/165 pounds i have test rode the Dumpster Diver but its a bit tougher
    to paddle

  7. Have a Vernor Mini Simmons. Very similar to this board and Lost Plank, but
    has the “V”/Displacement hull, less to no tail rocker, and wider tail. I
    got it to use in place of a long board. Love it! Fastest board I’ve ridden.
    When it looks fun but just too weak or small for short board, it rules. Can
    still pull floters, off the tops, etc…

  8. SurfboardShredShow

    We will down the road. The Biscuit’s interesting – so many surfers still
    have an interest in it 5 years later, but C.I. and the shops don’t push it

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