Channel Islands Sperm Whale Surfboard Review The Surf Station Surfboard review presents the Sperm Whale by Channel Islands and Dane Reynolds. A quad with an almost mini …
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8 thoughts on “Channel Islands Sperm Whale Surfboard Review”

  1. Oh that would have been a good April Fools, but it’s real. Have you seen
    the footage of Dane surfing it? Look up “Dane Reynolds Sucks at Surfing”
    Totally different from thruster type riding but so fun looking!

  2. Interesting, I found it to catch waves fairly easily because of the width
    it seems to plane. I was surprised because I thought the thinness would
    make it sink a little lower. Had a blast on it though. Great surfboard.

  3. SurfboardShredShow

    Surf Station I love your vids. The Sperm Whale surfs more like a short
    board than you would expect it to. Its got a wild tail rocker for the type
    of outline it has and even though it looks a bit Simmons-esque its easier
    to turn than you’d think. Something else about this board: It looks like a
    good paddler but its not. The outline makes you think it’s a high volume
    shape but its really a low volume shape with a high surface area.

  4. I couldnt afford to buy this surfboard but wanted something like this so I
    can minimize the use of my Takayama on the small days.. So I ended up
    shaping something similar but with an outline of my Donald Takayama in the
    pink nose and a bit wider tail with a channel islands style of rails. I
    hope to surf itsoon.

  5. Always good to support the local shaper, but I will say while the outline
    does look like a mini simmons in some ways it is a very different, much
    thinner board with more performance rails. As we said, certainly a novelty
    board…while it takes a page from simmons, it is unique in many ways. If
    you get a chance to check one out in person you should.

  6. pay 750 dolors for a board from channel islands when u can get a better
    mini simons from your local shaper for around 350

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