Channel Islands Fred Stubble Surfboard Review no.47 | Compare Surfboards

The Channel Islands Fred Stubble by Al Merrick promises to be a condensed version of the Fred Rubble – a board that was loved by the masses. This is the Chan…

14 thoughts on “Channel Islands Fred Stubble Surfboard Review no.47 | Compare Surfboards”

  1. I have had this board (fred stubble 5’5) for about 2 months and I love it
    for the Nor Cal conditions I surf in! The first month I had the board it
    took some time to get used to it. As you said in the review it is a very
    universal board for different surf breaks/conditions. Spot on. Great

  2. The board needs to be pushed hard and AM 2’s sorted my Stubble out
    immediately, Dumpster or Neck beard goes better in fatter conditions but
    when presented with a pocket the stubble is fun and fast and looking
    forward to getting away in some head high reefs soon.

  3. I’ve been surfing this for about a month now in Florida. Had the same
    experience in the beginning until I switched my fins to a bigger template
    (AM2). Started to drive off the tail more and just tried to push it harder
    in frustration. Now it’s my favorite board of all time… my rubble is
    getting fixed so I can’t wait to get back on it to compare. I’ll try to
    write a follow up soon.

  4. Hey Benny,
    Thanks for the review! Nice to hear a review from someone who has actually
    ridden the board instead of regurgitating the description CI puts out.
    I’m trying to decide between a custom Rubble and a stock minus Stubble.
    Looking for one board to cover me in SoCal waist high mush to head high and
    I’ve heard mixed reviews on Rubble. Some say it goes well in waist high
    others say it needs to be at least shoulder and punchier.
    Since you and JohnnyV have both ridden and love the Rubble which one board
    would you choose for these conditions, Rubble or Stubble?

  5. Nice reviews, I’m looking for a step down about 30lts and find your reviews
    helpful. Have you tried the board in small waves like it’s intended to be
    surfed? Interesting you surfed the Rubble as a Step Up in the Ments. Out of
    the New Flyer, Stubble or Rubble what would go with? 

  6. Hey Benny i’m a 5’3 Grom and i surf a lot of slow reef breaks, mostly
    Cardiff and I enjoy quads with a low rocker.So do you know any boards that
    would be good for that and are 19 inches wide. Thank You for the video.

  7. Loving all your videos Benny as I believe you give us honest opinions, I
    think some surfboards r great some are not and you always point out the
    differences !! I really hope sometime soon you can give us a detailed
    review on the Bunny Chow by Jordy Smith, I would love to listen to what you
    have to say about surfing it 

  8. Yeah, honest opinion is good. Most other people’s reviews are always
    positive but the reality is that some boards just don’t work as well as
    others. Thanks!

  9. Nice to hear an honest review! Surfing needs more honesty, particularly
    with regards reviews, too many people saying things to keep companies and
    people happy!

    That said, sorry to hear you didn’t get along with it! 

  10. hi Ben!! i didn’t buy the4 yet and i’m thinking custom order the stubble
    but i think the NF and 4 is also good. so i’m confusing which i should
    order. i practice to get speed to turn and snap. which one will help to do
    those?? and hoe is the fcs2 fin system?? i wonder how is the fcs2 fin
    system. i’m also not sure future and fcs2 which should i choose. please
    give me advice for order the board.
    thanks cheers!! 

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