Channel Islands DFR – Shred Show ep #19: Al Merrick DFR Surfboard

Rip it n’ click it: Al Merrick DFR by Channel Islands. Surf one? Tell us what you think. The Shred Nation has been asking for the Chann…
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25 thoughts on “Channel Islands DFR – Shred Show ep #19: Al Merrick DFR Surfboard”

  1. sydney i have a 5’10 dfr im about 5’8 or 5’7. i wish i got the board about
    the same height as me but it still goes good thou i have jon jon fins in it

  2. sounds like a great board. love your work im in grade 10 and am from the
    sunshine coast, Queensland. I find all of your videos really helpful and i
    love that they have good detail but i can still understand it thanks. 

  3. hey guys
    i really interested to hear your thought about the semi pro12 from chanel
    i have it – i love it( even in weist- hight)

  4. The best Ci I’ve ridden in a long time, it goes vertical of the bottom and
    even though it’s a single concave throughout, the tail rocker allows for
    plenty of release off the top, on the verge of being skatey if you’re used
    to drivey boards. Middle of the board is fat-ish but tapers dramatically
    from middle to nose and tail. Don’t use small or plastic fins, you’ll be
    doing 360s. Otherwise it’s a great bowly reef/beach break board.

  5. Keep up the great work, Manhattan Beach

    I’ve learned more about modern board design on your site than and shaper or
    shop clerk has ever been able to explain. Thanks.

    I’d like to hear about the Proton and Proton Step up, Fort Knox too while
    you’re at it. 

  6. I’m 5’8″ and average 150lbs., intermediate/advanced surfer…what
    dimensions would you recommend? The 5’8″ is temping but seems like it may
    not have enough float…what are your thought? 

  7. Joshua Pritchard

    How’s it man..I live in ballito South Africa I surf around where the Mr
    price Pro Ballito takes place and at the moment is surf a 5’10 voodo child
    by Jono Hutchison…could you tell what kind of board would be best for the
    ballito breaks? 

  8. I’m 6’3.5 and around 88kg. Got it as a 6’2 stock dims which is about 31L.
    This was to fill the gap for waist to head high waves. Holy crap, I can
    ride this in fatter slower waves and it is fun. Once the waves get a little
    punchier its unreal. 2nd best board I have had – both sloppy and clean
    waves it is fun. You can kind of feel Dane in the board if that makes
    sense. Its loose so you relax your style and flow a bit more. The more you
    do this the more it ‘works’. Takes a few surfs to get the feel of. The
    release is super loose and fun. It is forgiving too when your timing is a
    little off. The board will not punish you, rather making your f-up fun and
    you can line up the next section. Also it goes through fat sections etc so
    well. I used to have to worry about changing boards if the surf was a bit
    full, but not on this thing. Suddenly I can trade in 2-3 boards just for
    this board. The smallish wave board and performance short board just had a
    baby and named it the DFR. Having said this, I have been riding boards
    about 1-2L under volume though… I would say in indo this board is
    essential if you want to be in the pocket. There is some crazy combination
    going where you feel no sacrifice for the volume you are riding. DO NOT
    surf it like it is a flat board, it will feel weird, crap, worst board
    ever. Like dude is saying in the video, with the rocker you want to be
    going up and down, not planing along like its a hypto krypto. Keep the
    board doing what its made for, and you may pitch a tent mid wave! For
    anyone that cares (anybody?) I’ve been riding this along the coast of NSW
    in AU – beachies mainly but am confident this thing will be gold out at
    point breaks too with the volume in it. I have ridden it up to head and a
    half and it still hadnt hit its limit. I have only had it for 2.5 weeks so
    if I’m being helpful hit me up for more detail.

  9. Yeah I’d have to agree. They look similar up front. I have a Fred RndSq
    Tail & a SP12 Rnd Tail an inch longer but haven’t ridden the FR yet & the
    SP12 in fat stuff only a handful of times which was interesting with one
    session that was overhead. The SP12 has a lot of vee right behind the rear
    fin on tail. It definitely wants the pocket or 2 be arching sharply with
    the rocker on the flats. Chris’s take on it will be interesting 2 see.
    Anyway, I have one week until Indo to do some testing. Cheers!

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