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For more click: The Channel Islands Dagger. If you’ve surfed the Channel Islands Dagger, tell us about it below. When you surf the ci dagger you’ll have a feeling under…
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  • Dombomb 3 years ago

    I have this I love it in waves like lowers Trafalgar anything pretty

  • Osif ungar 3 years ago

    Hey Chris! Love your show !

    i wold like to hear your opinion about the trickster of clayton if possible.

    the trickster model is kind’a similar (~) to this model,
    I rode it for a few times in rather flat waves and it works really awesome
    probably because of the double con-cave, the vol Etc.
    Gaining a lot of speed and easy to go through the various suctions of waves
    And gives it easy for very sharp turns into the lip

    I’d really like to hear your opinion on it.

    cheers !


  • Jillian Micals 3 years ago

    Do the lost mini driver and v2f4 future fins!

  • Bruno Tessaro 3 years ago

    Hey Chris! I going to the Hawaii next week and I`m planning to buy a new
    board. I`ve got a groveler already (which I think got little bit big for
    me) and I was looking for something different. I`m a huge fan of
    shorter/wider/thicker boards and conditions here in my state(in Brazil) are
    not really good. The waves are normally really steep, short, and messy,
    really really messy…

    I`ve probably watched all your videos(which are really really great) and
    did not reached a conclusion yet, what would you recommend?

    I`m a intermediate surfer, 5`8“ and weight about 161pounds.

    Thanks again for your awesome channel!

  • Nathan Batara 3 years ago

    How about a general concave rundown? I know abt most types of concaves that
    are out there but how does each affect performance and style? Would be
    great. Thanks! 

  • IPHATBOYCHIEFO RC 3 years ago

    I am a beginner surfboard, & I am looking to get my first surfboard. I have
    been looking at Al merrick boards.
    I am looking at an easy paddling board & easy to catch waves. My height is
    174cm & about 150lbs.
    Would the dagger do for me?
    What other boards should I look at getting?

    Also great vids, great channel, love it.

    Many Thanks

  • Shred Show 3 years ago

    Thanks Brennan. Just boards now but good idea. We’ll see what happens.

  • Shred Show 3 years ago

    Thanks. Working on it.

  • ahuimanu808 3 years ago

    taylor knox rips this board! love the black shirt…

  • Terryrider Bell 3 years ago

    I like everything about this board! But don’t you think the double concave
    makes the back tail thinner which makes it less solid, so when you push
    with the back foot very hard it might leads to breaking the board?

  • Alex Sands 3 years ago

    I had a similar board from move or die minus the down rails. it was a
    5’10” X 18 3/4” so I would ride it on small medium days, was best for a
    wave like trestles, where you jet from takeoff and slide back and put it on
    rail as hard as you can, and that deep double concave really helped
    acceleration coming out of my turns

  • Shred Show 3 years ago

    Good luck!

  • Shred Show 3 years ago

    Thanks so much – Superbrand gave me a Toy and I think of it similar to a
    C.I. Flyer, which I think falls between the Vapors and Toy. The Vapors is
    more float and fun while the Toy is more turns and tail whips. Why? Because
    the Vapors is wider and thicker than the Toy with less rocker and a wider
    tail. Recently I like Andrew Doheny’s surfing, so I’m excited about shapes
    like the Vapors.

  • Dave Allison 3 years ago

    just saw this video…my 6’2″ dagger is my go-to board here in NJ…it
    works in 90% of the surf we see, flat faced or otherwise, from waist high
    to about head high. paired w/ a 6’4″ fort knox, i’ve got 2 of the fastest
    boards i’ve ever ridden in over 20 years of surfing. my 6’2″ is 19 3/4″x2
    7/16″, 32.3L, fort knox is 6’4″x19 1/4″x2 1/2″, 31.7L. i’m 6’0″ & 190lbs,
    but w/ jersey winters & age to contend with, hence the extra volume.

  • Lorenzo Rast 3 years ago

    I just found your channel from surfer magazines website. I’ve been thinking
    about getting this board, just trying to find it in a 5’11 in one of the
    shops around s.c./s.f. I’d get a biscuit instead except ci doesn’t make
    them anymore. great description in the video. peace out!

  • surferskaterdude55 3 years ago

    u should make a review on the rooky, nice vid

  • Pikes Riley 3 years ago

    can it handle big waves????

  • Ted S 3 years ago

    sensitive rails? you even surf? in my 25 years of surfing I’ve never heard
    sensitive synonymous with anything in the aspect of surfing

  • Casey Weyer 3 years ago

    I am in a toss up between The Dagger and the Fred Rubble. I am 6’2″ 200lbs
    and my short board is a HIC GX, 6’4″ X19″. I am looking for a board that
    would work great on beach break that can get hollow, and on general point
    breaks. This board and the fred rubble seem very similar, what would the
    deciding differences between these boards be?

  • Dante Sellas 3 years ago

    hi man i realy enjoy your show and im rellying on it to pick me next board!
    can u help im between CI and LOST

  • Shred Show 3 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for giving your height/weight and dims.

  • wehttam1997 3 years ago

    very true its commonly used 🙂 i don’t know what hes on about? and i cant
    speak any higher of your show. its in depth and you explain what things
    mean, a verity of boards and comparisons and furthermore you just don’t
    read off the website:) cant wait for all the other reviews you do in the
    future. You have certainly got the attention from all the board brands.

  • wehttam1997 3 years ago

    big flat face waves up to 8ft face but they really do have to be rollers.
    barrles and anything to spilly or peaky waves it doesn’t go so well

  • casialli 3 years ago

    Review Tomo vanguard please

  • Brian Coffee 3 years ago

    Agree with SS. Sensitive = thinned out, less volume. It’s much easier to
    bury the rail on a turn.