Al Merrick Biscuit Surfboard – Shred Show ep. #12; Channel Islands Biscuit

Al Merrick Biscuit Surfboard - Shred Show ep. #12; Channel Islands Biscuit

Click if you’re sick: Al Merrick Biscuit Surfboard by Channel Islands. If you’ve surfed it, leave a comment below. The Channel Islands …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Al Merrick Biscuit Surfboard – Shred Show ep. #12; Channel Islands Biscuit”

  1. Own a 510 biscuit love that board. Blew out the side fin boxes multiple
    times, how would it surf as a single fin!

  2. Nice review man.
    I have had the biscuit for a while now. And I love it when it is less than
    4 foot, and pretty mushy waves. It has been in some steeper, bigger stuff,
    and just shoots through the wave; I was expecting it to be kinda sluggish,
    and was surprised by its speed. But, the only problem I have is the duck
    diving, which I really struggle with, with its high volume. But I guess on
    smaller days, its not much of a problem. I have had a few close calls with
    rocky ledges and shallow reefs with this board; as I can’t duck dive this
    too well (my fault, not the board; but the high volume doesn’t help). The
    board is great, and is the board i go to most of the time !! This beast
    will catch any wave !

  3. What’s the length? Would you be able to put the dims in the description
    section? Just to give us scale for comparison? That would be awesome!
    Keep up the awesome work!

  4. hey
    i surf this board for last 3 years – love it!!!!!! always make me smile
    i even like it better in a bigger wave then everybody think you should ride
    it – waist to shoulderhead high

    you can do perfect S shape surfing and i love to reliss the tail on the lip
    its so much easy and fun making curve on the wave……

    will always make you fall in love(again) in surfing

  5. if your in Australia (especially illawarra/south coast nsw) check out the
    Pipsqueak by Treehouse..unreal skatey type surf board, beats anyboard ive
    ever surfed, Dave puts alotta love in his boards (wooden too!)

  6. I have a 6’0″ biscuit. It’s super fun in Puerto Rico when I go and it’s on.
    And it’s fun until it gets weak, then it’s to big for me. I need like a
    5’6″ or 8″.

  7. Just surfed a 5’8″ biscuit this morning in crappy 3 foot wave faces and it
    was awesome. Didnt think id ever surf any board under 6 foot. I did tire
    out easily though even though my standard short board has a similar volume
    to it.

  8. Great video and very professional advising a lot of fun to learn what you
    have to give, I myself surf the al merricks “pod” a grate surfbord and I
    want to get some information about it if possible,

  9. Originally call a spiral concave, I made some of these in 1975. It took 15
    years before MR and many other manufactures decided it worked. AM took only
    10 years e.g. Flyer 1. The reason is board builders are generally
    uneducated hacks that know everything (not).

  10. I’m 6’2″ 230lbs looking to get back into surfing which board would I be
    better off with the channel island biscuit or average joe

  11. So what fcs fins would you recommend for a 6.0 175lbs intermediate guy.
    The thing is that I have a 5.10 that I don’t really feel, got it working
    perhaps once or twice on some socal pointbreaks, else..nah I use something
    else. But hoping the right fin config could help.

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