Surf Lessons : Turtle Rolls

Surf Lessons : Turtle Rolls

Learn how to Turtle Roll your board so you can get a big board through the waves. A great technique to know if you surf a larger board or are paddling out fo…
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25 thoughts on “Surf Lessons : Turtle Rolls”

  1. Thanks for this video… It helped because I’m a newbie at surf club an
    I’ve been really scared of the wave coming over the top of me…

  2. Over because when you go under a big wave it will pull the board out of
    your hands then pull you with it and take you back 10 steps.

  3. And on a big day, make sure you have a Kung Fu grip cause on your board
    cause the wave will probably pull your arms off.

  4. es una locura hacer eso ! menos si la ola es grande y rompe con fuerza, te
    parte la tabla y a vos te va a doler bastante :

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