Fred Rubble Surfboard – Shred Show ep #9: Channel Islands Fred Rubble by Al Merrick

Click if you’re sick: Fred Rubble surfboard by Channel Islands. The Channel Islands Fred Rubble is a surfboard designed by Connor Coffi…
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25 thoughts on “Fred Rubble Surfboard – Shred Show ep #9: Channel Islands Fred Rubble by Al Merrick”

  1. Hey Chris! I love your board reviews.. You have a girl who watches your
    channel 😉 I’ve been surfing for years. My skill level is intermediate to
    advance. I’ve been riding an MTF (5’8 x 18 3/4 x 2 3/8) with Future AMT
    fins… I love the board for FL’s crap conditions but at times it feels
    pretty stiff when doing snaps… also feels a bit slower down the line. It
    has been very different from my others boards. I’m literally about to
    click buy on the Fred Rubble 5’8 (thumb tail) but I literally just saw
    something about the Fred Stubble. What do you think about the stubble?
    I’m having a hard time deciding. Sorry for the novel. Any help would be

  2. Love the vids Chris ! I’ve been riding an Evolved Evo 3 ( Fred Rubble copy
    ) for about 3 months now. It’s definitely a good shape. Very responsive and
    easy to throw the tail out. I’m a pretty big guy 6’0″ 210lbs for a surfer.
    My dims are 6’3″x19 3/4″x2 9/16
    You are spot on about the conditions for this board to ride in. In solid
    chest high plus surf this board is excellent. Chest high and below it
    struggles a bit especially in mushy conditions. I have a five fin set-up
    and putting my quads in helped a bit. If it’s smaller but punchy it does
    alright. Real easy to get into waves. For me this board is gotta be surfed
    right in the pocket and prefers real top to bottom conditions to excel. I’m
    looking to get a board that has a little more versatility as far as
    conditions. I’m looking at the CI #4. Any thoughts on this Chris ? 

  3. Juan Carlos Benardez

    Hey Chris, I just lost a 5’8 Dumpster Diver which I was enjoying down here
    in Venezuela (small surf, 1 to 3feet sometimes a little more) and Im now
    trying to find a new board for me. Im in between a 5’10 Fred Rubble and a
    5’11 Cheese Stick. I started surfing just a year ago but I would consider
    myself an intermediate surfer, already ripping, doings turns, cutbacks and
    starting to snap. I also travel a lot (Nicaragua twice this year) so want a
    board for both home and 4-8feet mellow waves. Opini?

  4. Juan Carlos Benardez

    Im about 6’0 tall and weight about 175 lbs but I’m already used to surf in
    small short boards. (was doing great in the 5’8 dumpster)

  5. Hey man, great video. I have been watching a lot of your videos because i
    am trying to buy a new board. I am looking for a Channel Islands board the
    would be good in waves that are 2-4 foot waves. I want it to be a fast but
    sturdy board because i am not that experienced i have been surfing for
    about a year and I’m looking for a good short board. (I’m 5’10” and 150lbs)
    If you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  6. i have a 5’6 Fred Rubble an it is an awesome board.The only problem that i
    have with it is gettin speed on smaller days.

  7. Gilberto Pe-Curto

    I use mine as a 5.8 21/4 thick. Its not the perfect measures but my stance
    better the Flyer 6.1 I had before. I am 5.8 tall and about 155lbs

  8. Love the show! Looking into getting a new board. Was really interested in
    this board and the taj’s beach buggy by lost. Any feedback on how those 2

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