Channel Islands Dagger Surfboard Review The Dagger is a small wave surfboard by Channel Islands Surfboards and Taylor Knox. Reviewed by the Surf Station. http://sur…

9 thoughts on “Channel Islands Dagger Surfboard Review”

  1. the Surf Station

    @eastcoastsurfer7 Depends on what size the board is and what you want out
    of it but typically the AM2 are what we would recommend as a standard.

  2. hey i cant decide between this and the fred rubble. im 6 ft 4 in and 205
    lbs and mainly surf in san diego/socal area. can you help me out?

  3. What board do you suggest for ideal waves in California?. I typically surf
    in santa monica and malibu and i want a board that i can surf in those type
    of waves.

  4. i am thinking of getting a new board anjd im thinking of ether a dagger,
    remix or rookie. I live in perth western australia and the waves are about
    waist high most of the time and get bigger. I want about that will do big
    turns and is very, very fast what do u rekon i should get.

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