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  • happinesstappy 3 years ago

    Thanks for this. But I’m a little confused as we’ve often been told to use
    plain English. So when do we use such sophisticated phrases?

  • 78ksiller 3 years ago

    If I wanted to sound like a native,, to what continent are you referring
    to? or country?
    cause I am Cherokee and you do not look or sound like me.

  • Eduardo J. Pacheco 3 years ago

    Why on earth I understand 100% of English teachers speaking in Englisn and
    verily 50 or 60 % of English spoken in movies, sport commentaries, etc.

  • Target Educational Services 3 years ago

    Advanced English Phrases 1 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master
    English Conversation 2.0

  • Manucho Mota 3 years ago

    hi , i want pratice the inglish …. how want pratice with this is my
    skype: manuchomota..

  • Ju Moom 3 years ago

    your pronunciation very good 

  • fabianologfatec 3 years ago

    great video, nice expressions, good job Drew, thanks a lot.

  • Raul Rojas 3 years ago

    when It comes to food,I become really exciting to try different dishes,It
    is my passion to do it but I really can’t make a distinction between
    arabian and moroccan food,they r almost the same but as opposed to them I
    prefer peruvian food,nothing better than food from my country,It is
    synonymous with joyness and patriotism,above all ceviche,our main dish.Now
    if u ask me, in what way do I make ceviche? I don’t know because I don’t
    cook XD but I like it.Greetings Drew and keep uploading more videos.By the
    way,whatever happened to Richard? did he come back to Japan?

  • Hoang Phan Quang 3 years ago

    It’s very good.thank you for your video.

  • phuong dao duc 3 years ago


  • Nikolay Tverdokhlebov 3 years ago

    Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

  • wacharine Issa 3 years ago

    thank you ,, i really liked this video 

  • Julio Abreu Recife 3 years ago

    thats the best way to learn english , very clear words, i ve never hear
    that i know i learn more and more thanks

  • phuong sy 3 years ago

    Thank yoouuuuuuu

  • Mulugeta Seyoum 3 years ago

    Advanced English Phrases 1 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master
    English Conversation 2.0

  • Aref Abbasi 3 years ago

    whats your signa phrase? 

  • احمد أحمد 3 years ago

    How great person you are!
    You’ve helped me more than I imagine.
    What i want to ask you about is,
    After 3 months I’m going to start my education in the university.
    (Biomedical engineering field)
    And I will get immediately to the lectures as well I’m poor in the
    biomedical words.
    And im Arabic.
    So how could I deal with situation like that? ??

  • Abid Ali 3 years ago

    Advanced English Phrases 1 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master
    English Conversation 2.0

  • Anelice Ribeiro 3 years ago

    i cant understand why this expression ” sound like a native ” it´s no use
    trying do that because each one of us is a different person , we cant be
    what u r not , that is it

  • Tika Dugashvili 3 years ago

    The Best ticher …Thak you for your positive lessons ))

  • David Doan 3 years ago

    I’m studying English on Verbling. It is great online school. Why dont u
    teach there? It would be great if we can interact in online classes there.
    Check it out!

  • Saudi_Girl 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video .. it is helpful 

  • Loan Hoàng 3 years ago

    Hey man, I have an idea.
    When you plan to give us some new phrases used in spoken English, you
    should made up a stories using all of them; it will help us understand and
    remember them easily and for a very long time.

  • Dinesh Joshi 3 years ago

    I liked the video. It was nice. 

  • Daniel Adam 3 years ago

    I can make the case that this lesson really helpfull, because I just
    improved my english, it is all in terms of practicing. :D