Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 – Body Position Short Turns

Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 - Body Position Short Turns Body position is an essential element of all skiing, get it right and it will make a big difference to the performance of your t…

17 thoughts on “Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 – Body Position Short Turns”

  1. Very nice. AND a helmet this time!

    Only problem i have with this technique is the weight on the inner leg. its
    to much to often. So an average skier will have more risk of falling
    because of to much weight on the inner leg. (could be it just looks like
    that but i can see some transitios who show this aswell) But it sure looks

  2. Ski School Experts is here! These lessons are designed to take you from an
    Advanced to an Expert all mountain skier so you can get even more out of
    your ski holidays.

    This is the first film in the series and we will be steadily rolling these
    out over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

    In this first lesson Darren Turner looks at the all important body position
    and how it applies to short radius turns.

    Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new series.


  3. Thanks for the videos! they really help me out and I was looking for a
    video like this too! so thanks again, I really appreciate the videos! 

  4. The best ski lessons! I have leveled up from intermediate to advanced
    thanks to Darren Turner and his lessons. I hope soon to level up to expert

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