Drew Badger’s Couch Surfing English Fluency Training World Tour – Vietnam Update

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25 thoughts on “Drew Badger’s Couch Surfing English Fluency Training World Tour – Vietnam Update”

  1. Dear Drew,

    I believe Vietnam is a beautiful and friendly country. One of my best
    friends just visited it and wrote an email to me. It says:

    “It has been a tiring trip for my family and I, although we have had a nice
    time. Compared to last year when we went to the North of Vietnam, we have
    covered a lot more areas and spent more time on the road. The country is
    developing fast, but it is still beautiful and there are many interesting
    historical and natural places that we have seen.”

    Except teaching, don’t forget to make the most out of it! Perhaps you can
    go hiking , visit historic sites, and go sightseeing, do real surfing on
    the beach, and do whatever available.

    By the way, why not start off “Mouse Surfing English Fluency Training World
    Tour” after you finish Couch Surfing English Fluency Training World Tour ?

    It means you just stay at home in front of you computer and then skype the
    members of Englishanyone. It would be a lot of fun and inspiring to many
    people (at least to me).


  2. Wao, welcome to Vietnam. I am so glad that I found EnglishAnyone a week
    ago, and listen to your video many time a day , and now you are coming to
    Vietnam. So great, Hope to have change to meet you.

  3. Welcome to Vietnam, Drew! I bet you will have a great time in Vietnam with
    many friendly people here! Don’t forget to visit many great places. We are
    really happy to have you here! 

  4. Waldky Rhodrigues

    I just gave it a big thumb up! I improve my english by watching you over
    here on YT.
    Great trip to Vietnam! You´re a great teacher! You should come to Brazil.
    hehehe! Hugs

  5. Khánh Huyền Vũ

    Welcome to our country! So sad, i live in the north of Vietnam 🙁 I highly
    hope to see you talking about your trip and your experiences in Viet Nam in
    the next video. Have a safe trip. 

  6. Quang Nguyen Hong

    You should visit Backpacker Area in Saigon, If you want to book day trip in
    Saigon let go to our address 228 De Tham Street, Dictrict 1, HCMC i will
    give you a discount and bring you around my area with Saigon Beer, it’s
    really nice.

  7. Perfectly!!! I’m Vietnamese and i am extremely happy when you said you came
    to Vietnam … I really want to meet and talk to you in real …..
    Yahoooooo!!!! My great teacher 🙂 i hope you will get memorable experience
    in Ho Chi Minh City !!!!! WELCOME TO VIETNAM

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