48 Common Phrasal Verbs In Context – Advanced English Grammar – Master English Conversation 2.0

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25 thoughts on “48 Common Phrasal Verbs In Context – Advanced English Grammar – Master English Conversation 2.0”

  1. The lesson is great, but I wish you had given definitions to the phrasal
    verbs used in your story just the way you did before telling the story.
    Anyway, it’s great, thanks!

  2. +EnglishAnyone this may be off topic but what does the idiom “for all
    intents and purposes” mean? I’ve been looking into (see what i did there?)
    this word so long yet still unable to pick up (last one) on the meaning of
    it, thanks! 

  3. I wanna ask u as a native speaker . Do u use all these phrasal verbs always
    ? What if we use the sentence with out phrasal verbs like the second
    sentence ? Does it seem strange to the native speakers ? I hope u
    understand me .. Thank u :)

  4. excuse me ,Teacher, I have one question . How many phrasal verb should i
    know to understand an american movie .
    There are many phrasal verbs i guess more than 2000 :c

  5. antonio pedro Cappi

    Hello Drew! I thank you so much for the lessons and all your help, which
    has been very valuable in order to make our ability to speak more natural.
    And I want to tell you something: your voice is incredibly enjoyable to
    listen to. Thanks for everything. Keep it up!!! ;-)

  6. Oh one more thing, you should really consider making a video regarding the
    use of – in English, I can’t recall what it’s called but you get the
    picture… E. G : this is not your run-of-the-mill car, these trend-defying

  7. such a great video..
    i truly appreciate the effort put forth in making the video..
    Great job. Keep up the good work..

  8. As a beginner learner I’ve found your lesson very effective but when you
    talk through phrasal verbs with multiple meanings(e.g. make out) you should
    put in more sentences. Thanks and keep up your good work.

  9. Awesome!!! I’m very grateful for your videos. A nice way of learning by
    context. It’s really helpful everything you teach. Thank you very much for

  10. Amazing video very informative, beside that i really like your accent and
    your clear tone of voice, thank u for your effort :

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