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Find out more at This is the introductory chapter to the Progression Advanced DVD and Digital Collection, available for iOS devices. Find out where to go after…
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  • camile azevedo 3 years ago
  • backbeatpete 3 years ago

    Teach me how 2 shred Kiki!

  • Progression Sports 3 years ago

    It was all filmed in Ras Sudr, Egypt at the Club Mistral / Skyriders
    center. Great place to kite!

  • Nicolas FORCET 3 years ago

    This is great material thanks )

  • Progression Sports 3 years ago

    Glad we can help. We’ve got lots of videos here on YouTube that may give
    you some inspiration for alterate version so tricks too. Have a great

  • Thomas Stenqvist 3 years ago

    Thank you for posting, always easier to try new tricks when you have a
    clear picture of the target.

  • Progression Sports 3 years ago


  • kniefi 3 years ago

    awesome, right what I was looking for and probably will give me good
    exercise throughout summer^^ It is very nice to go out and actually
    everytime that you go out have something in mind that you want to
    “accomplish” with this i can choose every little step, plan the move in my
    head and then translate it into real action on the water, fits my way of
    learning perfectly!

  • TheLorenco94 3 years ago

    Where is this place from 2:12? 😮