Advanced English Phrases 2 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master English Conversation 2.0 Start expressing yourself clearly and confidently in English today with our comple…
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25 thoughts on “Advanced English Phrases 2 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master English Conversation 2.0”

  1. Target Educational Services

    Please like & share so other people can get some good use out of it.
    Advanced English Phrases 2 – Pronunciation – English Fluency Bits – Master
    English Conversation 2.0

  2. Fenotipicamente Japonês

    I found you here and I understood all of the things you said and by the
    way, I am brazilian heheh Thank you, I got better my english.

  3. ไชยพร สุขสถิตย์ Suksatit

    รับเช่าพระ บูชา
    ทั้งห้องพระ ให้ราคาสูง
    โทร..เบอร์ร้าน 02-968-5788 มือถือ 086-519-9795

  4. Hi Andrew ! I incredibly Like your videos. I hope you upload videos about
    English phrases every 2 weeks and not one per month ! And I think that
    would be of a great help indeed. And, please, Would you recommend a chat
    room or website where i can find native speakers ready to have
    conversations with me. I hope you will visit Morocco one day that I can
    meet you Drew ! ^_^

  5. Well, my problem is that I can’t overcome my shyness and I’m always afraid
    to talk and make mistakes cuz some people expect too much from me ,and I
    can’t just show them that my English isn’t that good and disappoint them
    like my teachers. I also cant speak without thinking about what I’m gonna
    say,and since i dont know much vocabulary that makes me hesitate a lot…

  6. teacher, i think that you should connect all the idioms which you take in
    this video into one real conversation, so i can hear those idioms without
    boring.. indeed, i cant remember those things when it is separate like
    that… poor me!

  7. Prasad Bhirudukota

    it’s awesome the way u explained . if i got two for the price of one
    definitely i would join as a member. if give me an offer i will get off on
    the right foot with u but u know i can make the case that i can’t use four
    letter words in front of u because of u r my English master. i am very keen
    on getting to know something on cue and i am sure that i can run into u one
    way or the other. but when i run into word for word i will grease the
    wheels with you to make u teach me English and i hope u give me a chance to
    get off on the right foot with u. actually i thought that learning English
    without influence of the mother tongue isn’t easy but now i stand
    corrected.why don’t u give me fatherly advice to more get fluent faster in
    English. i can assure u that when i get a chance to speak in English i take
    the initiative . finally i can’t say thank u enough for teaching me
    indirectly . i am very grateful to u.

  8. Your voice is easy to listen to and understand, It’s not quickly and
    slowly, Your all English videos are useful for me and others.

  9. Thanks for the useful lesson. could you pls elaborate a bit more for ‘I
    can’t be helpful enough / I can’t recommend enough’.

  10. Hi Andrew!! I found all the phrases really useful.. I kind of love the way
    you use such daily life-related examples to make the usage clearer.. I hope
    I get to learn more about being fluent in English..

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