Real English Conversation & Fluency Training – Music & Movement – Master English Conversation 2.0 Start expressing yourself clearly and confidently in English today with our comple…
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25 thoughts on “Real English Conversation & Fluency Training – Music & Movement – Master English Conversation 2.0”

  1. I can’t believe as an American you don’t know carpenters is sibling band
    which they still have great influence in China. When I was very young, I
    began to listen to their songs.

  2. diter villanueva

    So what do guys do over there? do you teach english? how about Spanish, I
    teach English to Spanish speakers, how can we chat so you can tell me how
    my English is. thanks from Mexico City

  3. I like your voice very much .I want to practice EL with native people to
    improve my speaking skill,can you help me??

  4. i just found your chanel , man i love it , i’m brazilian and i’m trying to
    study by myself … i can’t find words to tell you how much i’m happy to
    find real conversations to improve my listening 

  5. Frederick Tangpos

    wow!, this is awesome,,im an IT folk,, and i have to learn english for
    business meeting,,this is cool!.thanks.

  6. I just Love how you teach people by simply communicating with each other
    and not those stuffs like acting like a saying words/sentences then
    explaining , cause its really helpful since you guys were using them
    actually. I’m not a MassCom student or something , I just need to search
    for stuffs like this , fluent english , cause we just migrated from
    Philippines to Canada. And its hard adjusting because of different
    Languages. But this really helps. Guess i should watch for those videos im
    behind ;)

  7. Luis Raul Ortiz Rubio

    It was a kind of difficult for me lisening to australian boy 🙂 But i think
    this is a nice exercise. Thank you so much. Greetings from Merida, Yucatan,

  8. wilmar tabares san martin

    this is great for me i really appreciate all the conversation because it
    helpme so much thank you

  9. janixia Gonzalez

    the other think i’d like to say is that i’d never heard before to an
    Australian person, and that was easy to my ear <3

  10. I’m Japanese and my mother was listening carpenters every day even she
    doesn’t speak English, so I like the melody. 

  11. ŘáüĽ Ŕüíź Ľąŕă

    I loved this mix of accents! It helps to focus and get the information
    that’s shared! Thanks a lot!

  12. janixia Gonzalez

    i love your accent and i guess i’d be able to communicate with people from
    your city your accent it’s pretty and is very easy to follow to as well.
    love this vedeo…sooo cool

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