25 thoughts on “Surf Lessons : Good Paddling Technique”

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    Want to learn how to surf. We found these paddle techniques that will get
    you started. Thanks guys, great video!

  2. Thank you, but this video doesn’t help us up in the NW… The waves here
    are harsh, cold and whitewashy. Could you maybe post a video on helping
    find the balance on a longboard in choppy water? Thanks

  3. southforsunshine

    @SurfingwithBen Not me, I came out of my mothers vagina ready to go
    professional. Being a beginner is for kooks and toys.

  4. @ThisMightBeFun Kinda sounds like you are too big for your board or it has
    buoyancy problems, are there cracks in the glass?

  5. @Bouchon211 dude i think you might be right… it had been cracked before
    but badly sealed. I eventually got to use my friends board and it was
    pearly haha. Doesnt matter much anymore.. a longboarded sliced the board
    clean through with that fat back fin

  6. SubCultureMEDIA Hilbert

    Totally disagree with the stroke length, short powerful rhythmic, fluid
    stokes are better for maximizing potential and conserving energy. Much like
    a canoe paddle stroke, the first 30% of the stroke is 90% of the energy. I
    pull to just underneath my pecs then am releasing for my hands to come out
    of the water. Think in swimming terms, ‘his stroke started to get long’ ..
    (he was swimming inefficiently -usually because of fatigue and pulling all
    the way through).

  7. @smexehpoop It’s almost the same in choppy water. You still don’t want to
    be too far back or forward. If you have to, be a little further back than
    usual if needed just to help cut through the white wash. But not far back
    enough that you push water. Keep your body evenly distributed and make sure
    you use the length of the board to glide and get speed while paddling out
    and into a wave.

  8. theonlinesurfschool

    SOunds like you may be surfing a board that is a bit too low volume for
    you. You may have more luck with some more foam under your chest. But as a
    general rule your board can be pretty far underwater and you can still
    catch waves, however you do need to have tip of the nose just out of the
    water once you are up to full paddle speed.

  9. theonlinesurfschool

    I have been away from “theonlinesurfschool” project for a while working on
    other projects so sorry for everything lagging and the lack of new content.
    I now have the time to make more videos…please let me know what you think
    would be most useful and I will do my best to make a video to help.

  10. Okay.. what if you have a shortboard and the entire board is almost sunk..
    and when youre in the center the nose is under? Do you just paddle with the
    nose under? and with the nose out of the water i feel like im putting on
    the brakes and cant catch any waves… help needed please reply (:

  11. theonlinesurfschool

    Big no no…look where you want to go and you will get there, look at your
    board and chances are it will not go that well for you!!

  12. cheers mate it helps for begginner like me! i just surf this afternoon my
    first surf ever. i always fell off to my board dammit! i cant even Catch
    the bloody waves! but i wont give up love surfing i always watch movies &
    love this sports! cuz no 1 teach me just watch sum lessons now here in
    youtube.. tnx a lot!!!

  13. @wetrib You need to watch where you are paddling. There could be surfers
    paddling out, rocks, reef, people standing in the way. If you have question
    let me know. I’m a surf coach.

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