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For more click: Lost Driver by Lost Surfboards. The Driver by …Lost is shorter, wider and higher volume than a normal short board but…

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  • Nicholas Steinwachs 4 years ago

    I own this board, eps, keahana, surf SoCal. It’s my favorite board, and
    despite owning others, I keep coming back to my driver when the waves are
    good. Super fast, fun, deep carves and, like you said, quick rail-to-rail.
    great explanation of the features…. I never noticed the TINY VEEEEEE!

  • Marcelo Magalhães Santana Silva 4 years ago

    I’ve got this model in San Diego and i had great experiences at Lower
    Trestles, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach. My air skills was improved with
    this board, landing a lot of font side air reverses after buy this one,
    what didn’t happen with my other boards. Really hard to surf in weak
    conditions, but, as he said, good for slightly powerful waves, irra!

  • killedbythedocter 4 years ago

    what short board you guys suggest for 2-3ft waves the average in my area. I
    don’t know about a fish best apparently is like throwing out an anchor
    every time you throw a turn.

  • omer shoval 4 years ago

    Very good angels …made me want to buy this board !

  • Esteban Schreck 4 years ago

    FCD Fark…please???

  • Mitch Roberts 4 years ago

    hey mate reckon u could do the beach buggy by mayhem?

  • Jillian Micals 4 years ago

    Do the lost mini driver and v2f4 future fins!

  • James Fry 4 years ago

    good angles w/ the straight edge

  • ariel pacenza 4 years ago

    hello friend, I see from Mar del Plata in Argentina. I really like what you
    do and I learned a lot, but I also wonder if some day may enjoy your videos
    with subtitles and some times hard to understand me the words you use.
    thank you very much for all that information. ariel Argentina

  • shinonuma115 4 years ago

    how do you get all the boards that you feature on the show? I would assume
    you don’t buy all of them lol that would be a lot of money!

  • gobig67 4 years ago

    Do the …lost rocket and v2

  • Johnny Decaux 4 years ago

    sub scorcher pleaseeee or mini driver 

  • manchesterunitedpro 4 years ago

    you so excited about all this it gets me fired up to go shred

  • Der Chakalaka 4 years ago

    Scorcher! Pleas!

  • alornk201 4 years ago

    Great stuff! Looking forward to more Lost profiles. Currently riding the
    original Sub Scorcher and absolutely love it. However, I’d like to get
    another Lost board that is more high performance/suitable for winter such
    as the Beach Buggy or Sub Driver. I think that as you continue to fill out
    each brand’s line (CI, Lost, Rusty, etc.) maybe you could compare the
    particular board you’re reviewing to the rest of its line (Driver to other
    Lost boards), or to boards its similar to in other lines!

  • ahuimanu808 4 years ago

    Who doesnt love rubs right?

  • ahuimanu808 4 years ago

    I surf that board at bowls. So sick! Great reviews

  • Jack Harrison 4 years ago

    I recently got this board and i love it! its so fast and great for turns
    and barrels especially when surfed at j-bay! such a sick board.

  • Christian Villegas 4 years ago

    and a tiiinny little VVEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:38

  • scribbles617 4 years ago

    “Thin width wise!” Haha love it, we know what you mean.

  • SurfboardShredShow 4 years ago

    Thanks Max. Working on it.

  • L JOY 4 years ago

    i love your video. dude you really sound like you are either: From NY (like
    me) or are on crack or very adhd either way love your vid

  • surfersrule1073 4 years ago

    I smashed your like button! I want to buy this board really badly. I live
    in MA and i was wondering if its also good in choppy conditions? i have a
    WRV but ever since i met Matt i started to love the lost surfboards. for a
    MA surfer id say im pretty advanced so i think this would be a good board
    for me. Please REPLY! thank you

  • SurfboardShredShow 4 years ago

    Thanks. How’s it surf for you so far?

  • Dante Sellas 4 years ago

    yeah my best friend has this board its his absoultue hands down favorite
    board! P.S. i have a huge debate between my next board i can’t even decide
    a brand to look into i have a t&c right not fyi