25 thoughts on “Learn to surf – lesson 1”

  1. Down here in Australia, we have friendly box jelly fish, ringed octopus,
    stone fish, stingrays, blue bottle jellyfish, sharks, cone snails and many
    friendly creatures waiting for you…Let’s SURF!

  2. @lln003 It’s all about selling dude. You’re right, keep it simple….and
    most important, don’t forget the smile!!

  3. @rndmusrnm thats wat im going to do, cuz if u buy a fish board or a
    begginer board then when you get better ur going to buy a new board so i
    might as well buy a shortboard! πŸ™‚

  4. @thebestacc1 like 1200 you dont need any of that shit tho lol iv lived on
    the beach for 18 years and i have nv seen anyone rock that last shit

  5. @quickskopznz thanks for the adivce, im leaning between a mid 7 foot
    funboard or a shortboard. it basically depends on which of my beaches i
    like going to the best πŸ™‚

  6. @thebestacc1 you don’t need all that gear! you just need a fun board/or a
    long board, a leash (it’s a must have for safety), wax, a wet suit (
    depending of weather conditions), and a smile!

  7. I wanna learn to surf! All my friends are into snowboarding! But I got to
    learn how to swim first! I’m pretty sure I can swim I just can’t float! πŸ™

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