25 thoughts on “Learn to surf – lesson 6”

  1. thanks for postin! That Aussie sprint pop up looks smooth.. didn’t know
    about that stance until 5 minutes ago.. how does that work exactly? darn,
    I’ve been doing it wrong all this time! aargh! makes sense to get the
    weight on the back quick.. I’ve just been doing the quick pop up… I’ll
    have to try it on land.. Is it better to use that for bigger days? or
    just not as much trouble as the other way? thanks mate..

  2. @ARMYSTRENGTHxbl yeah i was gonna ask that..do u have to buy a beginer
    board..i rather buy a board like a shortboard and leaf and use that rather
    than buy 2 and waste money – so it can be done eh? much harder or no? i
    live in new jersey so the waves arent that big will that be good for me?

  3. all these videos are so great! everything i need to know to get started
    surfing, i love all the basic info in videos 1-4, very important and
    informative! thank you for these videos!

  4. lol that cracked me up hey can you subscribe to me? well if you do i’ll
    subscribe to you just tell me to Pease Out

  5. metalschooldrill

    I’ve been surfing more than skating actually. But now with the new huge
    skateparks I can tell that I wish I skated as the prime sport.
    Skateboarding easily rules now over SoCal surfing anyways. Where the hell
    are u surfing to be bragging about it so badly anyways like as if your not
    swamped with enough crowds and a handful of waves?

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