25 thoughts on “Learn to surf – lesson 12”

  1. Stanislav Khaylov

    @nathaliestuurstraat I’ve started when i was 27, it’s never too late bro fo
    something like this.

  2. That’s why I try to go where the crowds arn’t and travel a bit to get some
    peaceful waves. Or better still go at sunrise when you can at least get a
    few waves and avoid the crowds. Fighting for waves sux, especially when the
    pros are out. You get none then!

  3. yo sugarboy, this isnt his vid, Its from surfpod tv. But they removed all
    their lessons from the site. So thanks to socket we can still enjoy them!

  4. basically depending on which direction you’re going, if there’s a person
    behind you, just let him get it.

  5. MrRockinChair65

    Indeed! I’m 46, and just finished watching all these vids. Bought my first
    2 surfboards today, and am going to hit the beach with my bud asap =) Wish
    us luck, should make for some great bloopers vids, lol

  6. stealthassasion

    the rest comes naturaly bro , 4 duck diving just push the nose of the board
    under water jus b4 the wave and leave your back foot pointin up so the
    white wash hits it and brings the nose up on the other side of the wave ,
    give it a go neway 😉

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