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Discover how to determine if you are regular or a goofy footer and pointers on how to get up onto a surfboard.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • slapmyfunkybass 3 years ago

    lol 2:18…. no one surfs like that

  • Jaiboiz 3 years ago

    Beginners board

  • slapmyfunkybass 3 years ago

    hey that’s you writing offensive material hiding behind your screen, i can
    see you little girl… i’m going to make you my bitch

  • Graeme Smith 3 years ago

    Well done with good advice. If you are learning to surf watch this and get
    a head start.

  • Liv C 3 years ago

    hot accents! <3

  • worldinterpretation 3 years ago

    great video tutorial, thanks!!

  • Ruxxnation 3 years ago

    really great help 🙂

  • slapmyfunkybass 3 years ago

    are you? fuck that was easy

  • keleroo 3 years ago

    hot accents :0

  • Kyle Charbonnet 3 years ago

    o shit im soooo scared

  • erik shin 3 years ago

    how does that work out??? when somebody pushed me i put myright foot
    forward??? and i use my right foot at the back of the board soooo???

  • NObrien3993 3 years ago

    what board did you use for this video.

  • Kyle Charbonnet 3 years ago

    hes showing a bad example fucking dumbass piece of worthless shit. go fuck

  • saycoolhwip 3 years ago

    thats a NO NO *slaps random child*

  • masterperkz615 3 years ago

    hey thanks for great advice… now i can get up… just gotta get out when
    the weather good now…. cheers