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MAKE SURE TO view the ANNOTATIONS! Many useful tips were added post production. See all 10 SHOWSTOPPERS at the end of the video*** http://energycenterwes…

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  • Jorge Mutis 4 years ago

    Best video I have seen on pop ups! Thanks dude.

  • Bruce Miller 4 years ago

    Great video, what size Indo board are you using Pro or Mini pro

  • Andrew Mcintyre 4 years ago

    thanks man perfect vid for someone starting to surf on a short board. Whats
    the name of the reggae track?????

  • david mcgrath 4 years ago

    Finally. A decent explanation for popping. I’ve put it to practice and im
    finally getting somewhere… I’ve gone with a longer board which has made
    all the difference. D 

  • hoshie85 4 years ago

    Would love to know what size indo board you recommend to practice this.
    Thank you….. Great Video!!!

  • MrDannyboyFL 4 years ago

    After watching 9 or 10 videos on “basic to moderate surfing take off”, this
    was by far the best.

  • adfgd adfgdf 4 years ago

    What size indo board should i get for practice if I’m a beginner surfer

  • leo cast 4 years ago

    helped me **** tons 🙂 ty!!!

  • Aaron Walton 4 years ago

    Good vid. One clarification: in my experience, you must push off the board
    with one knee, not both. At the start of the movement, the knee of the back
    leg (right for a natural-footer) pushes down into the board to buy some
    altitude for the hips, meanwhile front leg just sort of rides passively up
    off the deck with the rest of the body until there’s clearance enough to
    flex it foreward. It all happens fast, so hard to see, but I reckon if you
    push off with both knees, you’re doomed.

  • CaptainCockers 4 years ago

    Great vid! I have been surfing all summer with a 6`8 roundhead, wide mini
    disc board, and in summer when the waves were small I was catching them a
    lot easily. Now that the waves are a bit bigger (and very very hollow),I am
    not able to catch anything. I am 5`11 and about 70 kilos,do I need a
    shorter board?I was under the impression that to use a small board(like the
    5`11 board in your vid)I would first have to be surfing reguarly for a
    couple of years,what size board would you recommend? thanks!

  • Dria Andreanida 4 years ago

    Surf TIps, Enjoy!

  • Derf McTighe 4 years ago For the groms!!

  • PL4T0NiCF0Rm 4 years ago

    I’ve been surfing 6 years this is by far the most informative video I have
    ever found online. Anyone who downvotes this is going to surfer hell, where
    you will never catch a wave again =(,

  • TheRealFreakinPope 4 years ago

    Great video. I was never able to get lessons like this. Please Please post
    more videos on your detailed tips towards other aspects. Well Done

  • moumoutoum 4 years ago

    Extra mec merci !

  • borgar11 4 years ago

    Ive been looking for surfing tutorials for me as im brand new to surfing
    but I live in SoCal with 3-5 crashing waves on an average day not 1-2
    rolling waves as most vids show so most info was pretty much useless for me
    but this video will help me a ton cant wait to try it out tomorrow

  • jaluka21 4 years ago

    Hi. Great video. wondered what those round cushion type things are that you
    balance the board on? Do you know what they are called? Seems ideal to
    practice on without damaging the board. Thanks !

  • Steve Hofsaess 4 years ago

    I am currently taking surf lessons in South America, I am 195 pounds and I
    have just purchased a 90 inch board. Do your techniques work the same on
    longer boards also or is your video designed for the short boarder?

  • Zorrik Voldman 4 years ago

    appreciate the feedback!

  • Luiz Fernando Klein Ferreira 4 years ago

    please translate to Portuguese!

  • Dmitriy Golovinov 4 years ago

    Great explanation, super useful!

  • Karin Howey 4 years ago

    I can’t wait to get back in. I have had my hands too far forward and feet
    for that matter and stall whenever I catch a wave. I am going to get my
    yoga mat and pouffe out now! Amazing video.. wish you lived next door 😉

  • playfrog 4 years ago

    thanks man, that explains a lot. I am starting the shortboard as we speak,
    and I have to sat your video and your comments are really valuable. Thank
    you very much.

  • nazimhaned 4 years ago

    Hi there zorrik thank you for the detailed vid. I am going to practice
    today in Biarritz 🙂 do you know it?

  • Joshua Ma 4 years ago

    Thanks alot this is really really helpful