Common mistakes that newbies make and how you can avoid them

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14 thoughts on “Common mistakes that newbies make and how you can avoid them”

  1. Here’s a tip for Newbies. Don’t worry, everyone will make them at one point
    or another but the point is to learn from them. You can learn these tips
    before you even hit record on your camera.
    When making an instructional video after the lesson and during the cut seen
    don’t be a fucking idiot and show a crash reel. Show an example of what the
    fuck your trying to teach. Idiot.

  2. Umm… when popping up, you shouldn’t be grabbing the
    rails,except,maybe,when pulling into a barrel, but instead it(your hands)
    should be directly under your chest…. just wanted to let you guys know…
    Again, not the rails.

  3. Actually your wrong, Bill Stewart told me that you actually should
    shortboard first because you learn the basics, don’t listen to this video.
    All the longboarders out their are also great shortboarders.

  4. All these comments correcting which board you should get, and no one saw
    the grotesque misspelling of the word “dispersed”? Internet, I am losing my
    faith in you.

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