SUPERBrand Siamese Palm Viper Review no.37 |

Dion Agius apparently wanted something for both turns and airs…and while I can’t do either very well, I really dig this board in solid, technical waves. Th…
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  1. Hi benny, thank you very much for your videos are extremely helpful.
    I’m about to get a custom surfboard Superbrand and I’m in doubt between
    CRAFTII and PALM VIPER, my level is intermediate, I want to start doing
    aerial, without losing my classic sufing (snaps, floaters, rollers, tube,
    roundhouse, etc) . I want this surfboard for all types of waves, between
    2-8 feet.
    What could be your vision between these two surfboards ???, according to my
    requirements for which you be inclined more, and why?
    from already thank you very much
    My name is papo.

  2. great review. Could you occasionally comment on how this compares to the
    other boards you tested and to your daily driver board.

  3. Any chance you can show some boards that julian Wilson rides…idk I kinda
    have the same style as him and just want to know if his boards have any
    different features.


    SUPERBrand Siamese Palm Viper helps Dion Agius boost even higher and turn
    even harder…but you too can surf this board!

    Thanks Morgan Zysman for requesting a review on the SUPER SPV.


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