Surf Hawaii: Surfing Waikiki Summer Fun with Go-Naminori 2

Summer surf session at queen’s, waikiki. longboard, shortboard, groms, stand up paddleboard, tourist, hang ten, shun murikami, tats eddie, hayato maki, seth …
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25 thoughts on “Surf Hawaii: Surfing Waikiki Summer Fun with Go-Naminori 2”

  1. I was there in January for 3 weeks and it was good everyday. I love Hawaii.
    Starting my first year of University next year and looking to complete my
    studies in Hawaii.

  2. Oh I miss Da place… (lived on Oahu ’86 – ’89) To live and to love is
    life. To live and to love in Hawaii is heaven on Earth… ALOHA !!!

  3. you can rent them by the hour on the beach. that’s the best way so you
    don’t have to carry them all around. hope that helps.

  4. Just what the locals need to know- BUT …the author, wife & daughter will
    be in Hawai’i soon & reeeaaally lookin’ forward to experiencing the
    culture. We hail from an island “invaded” in the summer by disrespectful
    people & “boaties” (the likes of which turn our beaches into toilets with
    the abscence of holding tanks!) & would be honoured to spend a week with
    local people.

  5. wow. i remember the waves being that size at queens years before….
    nowadays, its so flat i call it “lake waikiki”.

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