Panda Bear Essentials Surfboard Review no.34 | Benny’s Boardroom –

Full Review: A performance oriented evolution of Panda’s popular Doinker model, this is the Panda Surfboards ‘The Bear Essentials’ Surf…

7 thoughts on “Panda Bear Essentials Surfboard Review no.34 | Benny’s Boardroom –”

  1. Whats up Ben? you hiring yet?! JK…great review. curious, with the trend
    increasing towards these “different” more non-traditional style boards, any
    chance you can review a mini-simmons type twin fin board!?

    Thanks again!!

  2. Does the knubster work? Does it slow down the board as an addition to a
    quad set up? I have a knubster but am uncertain whether I should use it or
    not in my Baked Patato.


    Liked the Doinker by Panda Surfboards? You’ll love this more tuned
    evolution, The Bear Essentials!
    – Benny

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