Share Button The Red Beauty and Black Beauty by Channel Islands and Tom Curren reviewed by Matt.

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  • Jeremy Spencer 3 years ago

    great review and well explained.

  • Francois Theron 3 years ago

    I’ve got a 7’0″ based offf the black beauty… And I have to say OMG it is
    one serious beauty. Riding it exclusively for almost a year now has taught
    me serious power surfing, and I’ve surfed it in double and triple overhead
    days without ever feeling undergunned, but somehow it still turns
    surprisingly well in head high+ conditions. Perfect for overhead to double
    overhead surf.

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    @3djes Thanks!

  • ThePokersurfer 3 years ago

    Have BOTH of them and really underrated in this day and age……. Black
    Beauty ULTIMATE step-up while obviously the Red Beauty great in smaller
    stuff! HIGHLY recommended for sure.