Brent’s Surfboard Selection – Surf Board Specs and Review – Surfing Equipment You asked for more videos about boards and specs…we here it is! In this video, Brent talks about some of his latest boards, the dimensions, and how they rode!
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11 thoughts on “Brent’s Surfboard Selection – Surf Board Specs and Review – Surfing Equipment”

  1. What is the “function“ of a rocker? My board has a lot of it and i have
    trouble riding small waves. I get to the wall but i cant seem to gain
    speed. I cant recall exactly my shortboard specs, but i am 5`10 170 pounds
    intermidiate surfer.

  2. Hey! so what would the best dimensions for a surfer in southern california
    (San Diego)!? Im 5’8″ 160 pounds 17 years old that has been surfing for
    about a year a 2 months now. I use to ride a foam Wavestorm and I now
    currently ride a 6’10” with a quad set up and a squash tail (I don’t know
    my exact dimensions on board; I had bought my board while I was very
    excited to just get riding on a different board. so, ultimately it wasn’t
    my best decision when i bought it but oh well aka kook haha) I don’t know
    what to consider myself as a surfer but if I had to choose i’d say i’m an
    advanced level of a beginner surfer or beginner of a intermediate surfer
    haha I dont know i’m just saying.

    Factors to consider:
    My paddling is better than avg because I was a water polo player for 2 years
    Times i surf per week currently: 0-3 per week (0, has been happening lately
    in past two months.)
    waves i can surf: shin – chest high (couple shoulder waves. I think?)
    The car i have now is a Nissan Sentra
    My current board is thick & wide. so yes theres a lot of float to my board
    so sizing down will be somewhat difficult if i get a lot less volume
    more rocker on nose of board
    beaches i mainly surf just in case you guys wanted to consider this as a
    Imperial Beach
    Ocean Beach
    Sunset Cliffs

    Hope to hear from you guys, sorry for all that info. 

  3. Great look at your boards and the styles. I am a beginner surfer and my
    board does not seem to have much buoyancy (did I spell that right)? I am
    5’7″ 135 lbs. Board is 6’3″ x 18.5″ x 2.25″. Did I make a mistake
    purchasing this for a beginner?

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