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Learn how to properly shift your weight to change positions on the surf board in this free video. Expert: John Hickey Bio: John Hickey is a professional Sout…

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  • Don’t listen to these homos. Thanks for the lesson.

  • Cutie7x7 4 years ago

    I think ur a perfect instructwer! it made surfing for me easier! now im
    sponsered by Roxy! Thanx!

  • redkitten311 4 years ago

    thanks! great video.

  • lak8ersbball 4 years ago

    All you ned to do is pop-up right and you’re in the right position on the

  • elguem 4 years ago

    thanks buddy

  • powsleez 4 years ago

    these guys a fuckin lame..

  • TheNoPeek 4 years ago

    Check out my invention The No Peek Change Towel..Never struggle with your
    regular towel again…Designed by a surfer for surfers!…Finaly something

  • sapipa177 4 years ago

    I agrew with the need to work on instructional skills, what’s with the 1+
    minute video clips? YouTube allows way more than that….plus is there
    really a need to say “..and we’ll be right back” so abrubtly? example: “the
    board will go flyinback, you’ll fall, you’ll face plant, so we’ll be right
    back” WHAT?!?!?

  • fearlessrr 4 years ago

    nice vid, 5 stars.

  • TheGdgdgdfg 4 years ago

    ok ,so well be right back

  • FierceIndian07 4 years ago

    did ya get on ya feet & catch some waves?

  • more explaination please

  • oldschoolHalen 4 years ago

    ya this guy sux dick and takes it in his butt

  • yourAliciaflower81 4 years ago

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