Kiteboarding movie with the GoPro Hero HD camera

My first day out with this camera at a California spot that has open ocean surf and a flat water pond. All the footage is shot at 960p 30fps with the camera on a headstrap and board mount. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Kiteboarding movie with the GoPro Hero HD camera”

  1. Leandro Tercette

    This is the best kiteboarding youtube video i ever seem. Pure sound of
    sailing. Giant skill with the kite. I hope one day do some huje jumps like
    you. Congratulation.

  2. I’m thinking of getting into kiteboarding. I am a sailor myself so I
    already know a lot about the wind and different sailing points etc. with
    kites can you sail upwind on a beat or can you just sail 90 degrees on a

  3. really want to try kiteboarding I expect the feeling to be close to my
    ‘flying and hovering’ dreams!

  4. Kiteboarding by far the best thing to do on our planet!!! if you are
    thinking of trying it out…do it! 

  5. Sensational but recently there have been too many shark attacks around
    american beaches I cant believe something about glbal warming and changes
    in their food supply. I am pretty sure I wont try this unless it at a lake
    in a truely safe area.

  6. I was wondering if u could tell me what kind of board you have, what kite
    you use and what kind of Handle… Thanks great video…. Deff the best on
    YouTube on kiteboarding

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