Improve Your Longboard Surfing, Indo Board, Indoor Surf Training, Indoboarding Indo Board inventor Hunter Joslin runs through a step by step process to get you cross-stepping, positioning and posture down using …
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10 thoughts on “Improve Your Longboard Surfing, Indo Board, Indoor Surf Training, Indoboarding”

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  2. I have watched every cross step video I can find. I spend countless hours
    practicing on an incredible, thick, wide, clay bennett ten foot nose rider.
    Including today on perfect, glassy waist to chest waves (beach break in
    cocoa beach). This video is the best cross step video I have ever seen. (I
    have been surfing about 20 years).

  3. @bigse63xy your like the kid from Rocket Power **Squid** lol 🙂 if your
    ever in Daytona Beach hit me up.. ill teach you.

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