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WADDICT – Part I First part of our kitesurf trip in Western Australia. From Perth to Exmouth, 3 weeks on the road to discover some of the best spots of the n…
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  • Diego Godoy 3 years ago

    Excelent video Boys, thanks for share it, from Colombia

  • Adza Niemz 3 years ago

    i love this movie it just reminds me of the summer:D

  • jkdhfx 3 years ago

    watched both parts, very nice, smiled all the way through, thanks.

  • jacky B 3 years ago

    Nice editing and some good kiteboarding skills man!

  • Die BackPacker 3 years ago

    nice, and what about the sharks? I want to do work in travel and I think
    about to take my kite with me^^!
    is there a posibility to rent a board somewhere??

  • Rasmus Gars Holm 3 years ago

    Nice edit – Might go there next year…
    I also really like the songs – what is the name of the songs?

  • Богдан Головко 3 years ago


  • Sam Dee 3 years ago

    yeah send that shit hOLLMEESS!!!

  • konfolut 3 years ago

    5:36 Sandy Bay. Something for me.

  • petrsson 3 years ago

    Best way of showing what is kiteboarding about !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u have any
    kiteschool? 🙂