25 thoughts on “Kite Surfing 101 tutorial part 2 FULL VIDEO NOT TRAILER”

  1. thanks heaps. wether or not I decide to take lessons, its gonna help. My
    mates learned long time ago without lessons on uncontrollable kites so I
    may go without.

  2. hmm not bad but I’m sure u can make it more simple I’m still not sure how
    to teach my guys ^^ (I’m starting as a kite instructor this summer)

  3. I think that sitting here on our asses isnt gonna help much with the
    learning to fly the kite. We have to be out there and experiences
    ourselves.. all that thing the instructor said above its fucking confusing
    as hell u pull the bar u push the bar WHATTTT ?! However learning the basic
    things like setting up the kite and all the wiring helps a lot ! thanksss

  4. hey thanks for the time you took to help me get into k.s. just got my 12m
    bow to get going. flew my trainer in winds today and tested out the landing
    and it helped. i’ll let you know how it works out in kiting brasils
    tropical islands next month. I would figure not lots of first aid out in
    the jungle.

  5. Agreed 🙂 I’m a kiteboarder and I’m also happy with the risks I take with
    it … why just this summer I suicided (and yeah I know its wrong to say it
    like that :P) into the beach from around 5 – 15 meters and stopped into a
    sigh xDxDxD but I’m kinda of a lunatic (more a adrenalin junkie) and I was
    laughing when I stopped into that sigh … I like the risk because without
    it … well let’s be honest ITS NO FUN 😀 the danger and risk is part of it
    all 🙂 and PS : He did say helmet in part one ^^

  6. @PrimalVisionsRadio Who said only certified people can give advice you
    morron ?!!! This guy is great and he’s funny…unlike you !!!

  7. i got lessons a few years a go and didn’t remember much. this really
    complemented them and refreshed my memory. i feel pretty comfortable
    heading out now to fly in some light winds. thanks

  8. Thanks so much for the vid. Ive been looking all over for a 5 lining a kite
    and nothing until now when i wasent looking for it! Great video!

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