Surfing Top Turns – How To Turn On A Surfboard – GoPro Surfing Video Analysis – Improve Your Surfing Here – Free Surf Coaches Podcast In this video, we use first person vi…
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25 thoughts on “Surfing Top Turns – How To Turn On A Surfboard – GoPro Surfing Video Analysis”

  1. christopher rivers

    These new videos you all are putting on here are PERFECT!!!! You all should
    be on TV doing this stuff! This is the best of the best. NO ONE DOES IT

  2. Always wanted someone make such a video tutorial, how to behave and where
    to aim etc. Please make more examples like this! 

  3. These videos are AWESOME guys!!! just practising all these tips everyday!.
    Next time I go to Costa Rica I will contact to your school, definetly.
    Thank you very kindly for all this and congratulations!. Pura vida!

  4. Keep on doing this kind of videos please! Excellent for guys like me
    intermediate surfer that a need to learn (fast) how to read a wave.
    Also useful would be backside surfing and timing to hit the lip and to also
    a lesson on how to anticipate that your going to need to do a cutback.
    great stuff, thanks

  5. great vid! can you also make a episode about how to paddle faster? cuz
    thats my great issue, it can also be my timing but by 4 of the 10 waves the
    wave is going underneath me. any tips?

  6. Huxley Starsleuth

    Would love to see another Top Turn video like this (or any other maneuver
    .. float, cutback, etc.) with both POV perspective AND beach perspective.
    Possibly even a moment where u get to see both views side-by-side. Can’t
    thank you enough for sharing your great tips! I always learn a lot
    watching your videos.

  7. Yeah more like this indeed! Also would be sweet to combine some of these
    slo-mo pov analysis with regular slomo video analysis of the same maneuvers
    from the beach camera – i watch a lot of surfing videos but sometimes it’s
    hard to translate from 3rd to 1st person pov. You guys are getting really
    creative with your instruction techniques – keep it up! 

  8. This tutorial is clear and thorough. Even though I just started surfing two
    weeks ago, I’m enjoying looking forward to what I’ll be learning as I
    progress. Thanks Surf Coaches for awesome tutorial!!

  9. This is undoubtedly the way to fully grasp it!! Congrats!
    If you combine with a beach pov and a nose pov you are on the bull’s eye!!
    Imagine seeing foot positioning and body movement during this explanation…
    Pls more!!!

  10. Great perspective, and break down of the wave/ride. I also enjoyed watching
    the first person perspective. I found it exhilarating as if I were on the
    wave myself. 

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