JUST DO IT! KITESURFING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (part one) kite lessons in naxos

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9 thoughts on “JUST DO IT! KITESURFING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (part one) kite lessons in naxos”

  1. Thanks for the advice, you actually commented at the perfect time. I am one
    month from my first lesson, then its time to start looking at gear. I
    though I was going in blind, so thanks for the recommendation. I will check
    out the board and kite, probably what I will end up getting.

  2. i know this comment is abit late, but i would recommend the NORTH 2012
    rebel and the jamie pro board, i have been kiting since i was 12, i am 17
    now so that might help you think that i know what i am talking about (abit)

  3. good luck with your lesson, North kites are amazing kites and are perfect
    for beginners to professional, but give the sport a go before you buy first
    hand kites, maybe if your first kite go for second hand because you wreck
    it (first kite i got i broke, in a reef lol).

  4. That story is incredible, it takes a great deal of courage to change jobs.
    I am 22, one year from graduation and feel like I am already locked into a
    carrer I have never started. I have never kiteboarded, but it looks like it
    would be a great hobby to look forward to get me through the week in the
    office. I live 20 minutes off the Gulf of Mexico so maybe it could be
    somthing to try. Any recommendations on kites to use and boards for
    freestyle stunt ride. I have plenty of time to practice

  5. xaviersnowkitecenter

    extreme sports are very addictive because of all the adrenaline you get
    from them. once you’ve got the taste for it, you’re stuck and want more!
    The fun part is that it is not difficult, and making a career in something
    you love seems natural. When you get into a routine and you are just
    waiting for friday to come as fast as possible, then it’s time for a
    change!!! Can be anything. As long as you still try new things,
    opportunities will come.

  6. @mlimpenny I’d say a little to late. Humans forget sometime that they will
    die. Pushing papers is no way to live.

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