Surfing tutorial: Improving your paddling Part 1 Surf Coach Mo’e from talks about the 5 most common paddling errors, and how to correct them! Paddling is the m…
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22 thoughts on “Surfing tutorial: Improving your paddling Part 1”

  1. I know guys and girls in their 40s who are still struggling with some
    fundamentals like this, if you stick to techniques you learned at swimming
    school you’re going to tire yourself out really quick. Don’t tell them I
    said it but I think at that age any way to decrease your aches and pains is
    appreciated 😉 Thanks for the video mate!

  2. Fantastic tutorial! I’ve had the trouble of having my arms getting tired
    way too early – you just pointed out my problem. Thanks a lot for posting

  3. I started at 35 years old but had dreamed of surfing since I was in my
    early teens! I grew up in an area where NOBODY I knew surfed. I never even
    saw or heard of anyone doing it. Eventually, I moved to SoCal and spent a
    decade of doing things not related to surfing. Still didn’t know anyone who
    surfed. Then my friend started surfing at age 38. I expressed interest in
    learning and he took me out. Got hooked up with a small crew – all ages,
    shapes, sizes – of men and women. Good times!

  4. We have some people coming to Shaka and learning to surf in their 50s, and
    completely hooked . 40 is the new 25 & 50 is the new 35.

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