CSS – How to surf – 5. The green wave

Canggu Surf School ‘How to surf’ series Lesson 5: The green wave This video covers: The green wave, the peak, takeoff position The Canggu Surf School is situ…
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5 thoughts on “CSS – How to surf – 5. The green wave”

  1. right when you notice that your board is dipping down, immediately pop up
    and you will either catch the wave or miss it. another thing is to approach
    it at an angle that is the best method of surfing a steeper wave

  2. Im new to surfing and i just got a funboard. When im catching the green
    waves the nose of the board always goes into the water and i fall. However
    if i lean farther back then i cant seem to catch it. Can anyone give

  3. dude these videos are great. thank you for taking the time to record them
    and narrate them, in what i’m sure is not your native language. Thank you

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