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how to pump for speed frontside while surfing. i made a tutorial broken down into parts that you can see the movements in. also kelly slater showin us how its done too. along with dave rastovich….
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  • Helin Wang 3 years ago

    is the last section your own clip? So good!

  • Macrya 3 years ago

    I’m goofy footed, so I would be swinging my left arm up and down on a front
    side wave (wave going left) So if I was surfing a wave going to my right
    (backside wave), which arm would I be swinging up and down? Would it be my
    right arm?

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    Although this is more or less there, instead of waving your arm around in
    the hair like a lunatic waving at someone, try concentrate more on shifting
    the weight from back foot to front foot as you aim to go down the face then
    up etc,to gain speed whilst pointing you front shoulder where your going.

  • srfin24 3 years ago

    fuck hes going like 50 mph on the blue board

  • ograndebabacafdp 3 years ago

    Nice tutorial!!! I think kelly slater learned from you man!! PEACE.

  • Chi Hua Tseng 3 years ago

    very educaitonal, perfer match with music. may I ask who’s song of this?

  • AbercrombieBlack7 3 years ago

    This tutorial is flawless!!! Perfect music, great and simple instructions
    that truly made my surfing curve WAY easier! I just wanted to thank you
    cause after a year f surfing I hit that wall and couldn’t figure out what
    was wrong!!!! Your video not only puts speed simply, but the same movement
    is setup for turns!! Ur sexy btw 🙂

  • andrew derevo 3 years ago

    Thanks! good video. First time good explanation of pumping=)

  • MysticMagicks 3 years ago

    Personally, I don’t really like this tutorial (opinion). Mainly because of
    the fact that the arm movements come naturally when you’re moving the board
    around in a pumping fashion. You shouldn’t have to think about moving your
    arms in a swinging manner, because it should be human instinct to help you
    balance on the board.

  • frikenkid 3 years ago

    talk the talk but van you walk the walk

  • funkyotherbrother 3 years ago

    This is definitely the best pumping tutorial I’ve ever seen thanks for the
    breakdown bro I’m looking forward to my next wave!

  • razorbladexl 3 years ago

    when watching the beginning I was all like…dat is so bullshit cuz it
    looked weird I guess with u just doing it out of the wata…then I watched
    the surfers and was like, wOW they are doing that kind of arm motion!! Very

  • Martin Landa 3 years ago


  • ironaman06 3 years ago

    very good tutorial for pumping! looking forward to apply what i’ve learned!

  • jvz773 3 years ago

    Great, great video! Very helpful, thanks! I’d love to see something as
    helpful that applies to pumping for speed BACKSIDE. Any advice? (anyone).
    Thanks in advance.

  • TheJimmyCaesar 3 years ago

    I love how you have no respect for the longboarder, totally deserves it!

  • Macrya 3 years ago

    wow! this is a really good tutorial… from other tutorials on the internet
    about pumping for speed, it was all about the knees and feet, they never
    said anything about arms… this tutorial is much more helpful and it works
    really well !! 😀

  • suziadianacai 3 years ago

    thank you very much

  • andrew derevo 3 years ago

    Thanks! good video. First time good explanation of pumping=)

  • Itachi Uchiha 3 years ago

    god, ur good !

  • naniekso 3 years ago

    @dm110186 thanks man, catch some nice ones for me

  • Tony Wong 3 years ago

    thought its a troll but I will try it for sure 😀 thanks buddy

  • David Chamizo 3 years ago

    This tutorial helped ALOT thanks for putting the time into making it!

  • Jay Chiang 3 years ago

    thanks for the advice! your videos rock btw. i can see ur getting better
    and better 😀

  • saycoolhwip 3 years ago

    good song!