Surfing 101 : How to Turn & Slow Down on a Surfboard

Getting on a surf board and catching a wave is one thing, and turning and slowing down on a surf board is another. Find out how to turn and slow down on a su…
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10 thoughts on “Surfing 101 : How to Turn & Slow Down on a Surfboard”

  1. Cheers Gabriel i do alot of surfing but can never turn, this video should
    really help me to go further with my surfing

  2. Thankyou! I’m going surfing tomorrow morning! I am a begginner and just
    started to catch unbroken waves. I have been on these waves for about a
    month and a half and i wanted to start to turn! I am at home at the momment
    practising on the skateboard. Not while its moving. Just by acting it out!
    Thabks Xxx

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