Surfing Tutorial: How to Frontside Bottom Turn

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7 thoughts on “Surfing Tutorial: How to Frontside Bottom Turn”

  1. Awesome video! 🙂 I am very experienced with riding a RipStik, but a lot of
    people say that it isn’t as accurate as a Carver Skateboard when it comes
    to simulating surfing. I know that it’s because of the rotating axis
    between the two plates, but honestly, I never use the axis that much; I
    usually just drift around corners and stuff by leaning back on it, or
    forward, like on a actual surfboard. Have you ever ridden a RipStik, and if
    so, do you think these are alright for surf training? Or do they develop
    bad habits?

  2. Nice. Check out the ‘Carver Skateboards’ ‘C7 truck’ it was designed to
    simulate surfing on a skateboard. Taylor Knox and Josh Kerr got skateboard
    models made by Carver.

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