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Full Review: Go Retro! I suck at surfing single fins but Da Sting is an exception; a modern take on 70’s style single fins. This is the…

2 thoughts on “Mark Richards Da Sting Surfboard Review no.30 | Benny’s Boardroom –”

  1. Christopher Robin

    Hi Benny,
    I’m from Newcastle and am lucky to have 4 MR’s. All with sprays of course.
    My latest and favourite is a 5’10, 19’3/4, 2’1/2 Hornet. It goes awesome as
    a quad, you should give one a spin.

    BTW thanks for making such a big effort to talk about a wide array of
    boards, particularly from Australia. I’m also a Stacey fan, I’m currently
    looking at ordering a Taxi as a replacement to my battered HB Pro which
    I’ve been riding for a few years.



    Happy Holidays! Happy Hump Day! Go retro with a 70’s style single fin. This
    is Da Sting by Mark Richards.

    I hope you’re well.


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