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Full Review w/ Dims: http://bit.ly/17CFmgo This big, fat groveler surfboard is JS’s answer to surfing tiny, weak waves. This is the JS Pier Pony surfboard re…

11 thoughts on “JS Pier Pony Surfboard Review no.14 HD | Benny’s Boardroom – CompareSurfboards.com”

  1. CompareSurfboards.com

    Hi mattie kassis, for some odd reason, YouTube won’t let me reply to you
    directly but it’s great to hear that you’re digging the JS Pier Pony!

    All the best,

  2. Hi! Im 165 pounds and Im looking for smaller wider board because mini mals
    are not my thing. What board would fit best? Pier pony, Average joe, Baked
    potato or Sweet potato or something else? Im not the best surfer, so Im
    looking easy paddle and wave catching board. Btw nice vids!

  3. I just bought a pier pony 5ft and loved every thing of it never thought I
    could have so much fun in such small surf. I could still turn pretty good
    and get some great carves heaps better than any long board u would use in
    that condition. Because the nose is so round and wide I could all ways lean
    into it and get in front of the wave and pick up speed no matter how small
    the swell is! Great board 

  4. Ben,

    Check this out. JS are bringing out the new Pier Pony – The “Show Pony”.
    The volume has been re-distributed and it is has a thinner diamond tail.
    Built for speed and peformance. Not sure if the less volume will take away
    the planing speed of the PP but it will certainly make it more easier to
    throw around on and above the lip. They say “the Show Pony is a
    thoroughbred Pier Pony” ..I was looking to get another Tiny Groveller, like
    a Cab Sav. Probably not now. I reckon this will be the one. I’ll wait


  5. Guilherme Torres

    Hey Ben,
    I would like to buy a surfboard for small waves, but I want a fast
    surfboard which could give me an easy paddle. I am between JS – Pier Pony,
    Rust – TDwart and Lost – Uber Plank. Could you help me?

  6. Jan Willem den Ouden

    Regarding the difficulties with turning i’d say you’re surfing this board
    too big for your size. imho you are therefore not completely experiencing/
    reviewing this vehicle as it should.

    6’0 must have a volume of 48 liters? i’d have trouble turning that as well.
    i’m 1,95 m/ 6’4, weigh about 100kg in my wintergear and my 5’9 with 40
    liters of volume still goes like a rocket and turns tight as well. even in
    the weaker wind swells i surf over here in the north sea.

    if you are considering this board: it’s a cool board for smaller waves but
    indeed holds suprisingly well in headhigh surf. just get the right size and
    volume for your weight.(and skills)

  7. Hi Ben,

    How did you find the Pier Pony vs the Dropped Swallow in terms of speed and
    as a small to tiny wave board. I have the 4’10 PP and like it, but was
    thinking how it compares the the Drop Swallow which seems to have a heap
    more nose rocker and looks more like a traditional board.

  8. CompareSurfboards.com

    Fatty fat fat groveler by JS Surfboards, this is the Pier Pony. Let me know
    what you think of it :)

  9. CompareSurfboards.com

    Hi Mat K, it is massive…even for me! This bad boy is 6’0 x 22 7/8 x 3.
    Great for days when you would normally pull out a longboard

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