Canon Rebel T2i Live View | Video Lesson DVD Training

If you are new to intermediate or even an advanced user looking to learn more about your Cano Rebel T2i, you are definitely going to want to check out the DV…
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25 thoughts on “Canon Rebel T2i Live View | Video Lesson DVD Training”

  1. Ok there is one thing that I am having trouble figuring out on my camera.
    Ill be filming an interview and on the LCD screen it looks fine but, then I
    upload it onto my laptop and it will look fuzzy. In what video do you go
    over that?

  2. MichaelTheMentor, please help.. I’ve tried everything on your video but my
    rectangle on the screen does not turn green.. what should i do?

  3. @rOdRigOO7 It is working correctly- The 10x zoom is just a zoom in on that
    part of the image. You can crop it out in post and it would give you the
    same look as you see it at 10X. Best wishes – M

  4. hi i have a question.. when i put the camera zoom in 10x it looks pretty
    awesome in macro but when i press the shutting button the camera takes the
    picture without the 10x zoom. what i am doing wrong? thank you. awesome

  5. Edit Effect Line

    Im plannin to buy a spearbattery for the canon t2i. On AMAZON I found a lp
    e8 lithium ion battery, would this lithium battery be good to buy?

  6. @iLoveMusic0927 Live view is what you’d normally see on point & shoots….
    the image is projected on the camera’s LCD screen. Typically on a DSLR
    you’d look through the viewfinder to compose your shot but live view allows
    you to see your composition when you can’t get to the viewfinder or choose
    not to.

  7. my rebel t2i says , card write protected, with every card i stick in
    there..and i purchased a new card and it gives me the same message..and no,
    the cards are not locked. does anyone know how to fix this?

  8. what is live view? is that where u can like look at the big screen and take
    a picture, and not in that little class box at the top???

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