25 thoughts on “Learn to surf – lesson 11”

  1. “Riding a wave, how to take off, how to turn, and more” Whoa, that’s kind
    of a tall order for a three minute video πŸ˜€ Nice series though.

  2. How can a wave like that not be crowded ifi it was in So Cal. but Oz has
    tons of peeling waves vs. our closeouts so these waves are probably below
    avg for an Aussie..

  3. i mean, if you wanna turn and do cutbacks and stuff, 3 fins are good….if
    you wanna du some bigwave surfing 4 fins are better…look foor the
    position of the fins (angle, size,….)

  4. It’s never too late to learn how to surf! Don’t be intimidated by groms or
    other young surfers. I was in Waikiki this Summer and I was talking to a 70
    year old man who was learning to surf. All surfing takes is determination
    and a love for the sport, no matter the age.

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