Indonesia Public Relations – Welcome To My Paradise – Lombok Islands

Indonesia Public Relations - Welcome To My Paradise - Lombok Islands

Lombok (population 2950105 in 2005) is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It is part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the L…
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25 thoughts on “Indonesia Public Relations – Welcome To My Paradise – Lombok Islands”

  1. the coral reefs is so so wonderful!!!! it makes me addicted…
    hahahahahahaha!!!!! especially in gili air and trawangan… well, i didn’t
    have enough time to explore lombok, i’m just snorkeling at 3 gili isles

  2. Oh God, I am Indonesian, but never got the chance to enjoy my lovely
    Indonesian. I travel more USA places than Indonesia. Well God willing,
    someday I will explore it. Great video, makes me wanna go home

  3. @XjeroenX1…please go to sekotong, bangko-bangko, sendang gile, and south
    beach of lombok (kuta, tanjung an, seger, surga beach, etc.) if u visit

  4. Verlassene Orte - Urban Exploration by preludebb

    lombok is very beautiful …friendly people , perfekt beach and a beautiful
    nature. i come back 🙂

  5. Rosihan Adhitama

    Steven ‘n Coconut Treez Title:Welcome To My Paradise **Reff Welcome to my
    paradise Where the sky so blue Where the sunshine so bright Welcome to my
    paradise Where you can be free Where the party never ending

  6. @Fotriospide Itu mungkin karena cowok malaysia gak ada yang ganteng,
    jadinya cwk malaysia mau sama org lombok 🙂

  7. tune and seven shades of slap stick sausages sizzling sideways on a sunday,
    sounds silly said sally sadly simon agreed!

  8. Ey people!! I go indonesia over 4 weeks… 29 jan 2010 i will take the
    airplane from amsterdam to surabaya, and 2 months later i go back home {29
    march} The plan is to travel a lot, like bali – jakarta – bromo – gili
    islands and who knows where me and my gf will go… My gf is indonesian…
    If anybody have good idea for me then pls let me know… BTW happy new year
    to all of you… make it a great 2010… {sorry my bad english – im not
    american} take care!

  9. The initial view shown is not lombok…is Sumbawa Island next to Lombok
    island, I knew this coz I’ve lived there for 8 years. The Travira seaplane
    is based in PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara in Sumbawa island. Some of the arid
    island and beaches taken from aerial view is also various other islands
    scattered around sumbawa island…good video though!!!

  10. @Fotriospide well, please malaysian? bisa ga sih ga usah rasis ama
    indonesia.., ngaca aja dulu ya 🙂 kalo merasa perfect baru comment/kritik
    negara lainnya. setuju sama @mdja2009 😀

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