How to Surf : How to Paddle on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson

How to Surf : How to Paddle on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson

Learn how to properly paddle on a surf board in this free video. Expert: John Hickey Bio: John Hickey is a professional South Florida Surfing Instructor at F…
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25 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Paddle on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson”

  1. I think I’m having some clarity now. Holy poop. Hey jerky boy, Downs is a
    medical condition for the “disadvantaged” or “mentally challenged”, not
    some term loosely thrown around in vainity when you really mean some bad
    terminology word up.

  2. Still called an ollie if off flat water, or off a wave that wasn’t enough
    of a lip to launch the surfer, or you might call a no grab air an ollie

  3. Why call it a free video when an ad is shoved into our face right from the
    start? I know it says you can skip this ad, but why must it be the first
    place. This is YouTub, not your tube.

  4. hi guys.. i’m not a surfer just happen to be intrested in this new spot.
    welll. everything has its first time. y dun u guyss give everyone a
    chance.. i believe theres no show offfs here.. i love the waves n seeing
    ppl riding it.. cool guys… just a comment.. PEACE tts what surfers are..
    hope i’m not wronge.

  5. I guess not. It’s all sales, and sales agents. The Fat chicks surfing in
    Sumbawa are out-ripping all of SoCal. Shhhh, it’s like a SoCal secret.
    Surfers here are delusional and they have lowered the surf report grade
    scale a notch that people believe in. I just drove 105 mile for that last
    south swell to get some for real good waves.

  6. ok, it aint easy to show it in water, but it´d be much better, to paddle in
    sand is a hard ass workout yo. And the way this guy looks he wasnt doing
    much paddeling either on sand nor water 🙂

  7. im a good surfer and im just natural on most sports and hey? when you were
    lying on the board wheres the fins at the back and i just became better by
    useing this machine for surfing but thats how i did it

  8. What is the big deal? He is showing beginners how to paddle…. If you know
    how to do it better put up or shut up. Stop watching beginners videos
    blasting him like you posted a better video yesterday. Whenever you do your
    video with your voiceover let me know James Earl Jones…. Until then quit
    internet bangin because you seem pathetic.

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