How To Duck Dive When Learning Surfing

This guide shows you How To Duck Dive Surfing Watch This and Other Related films here: Subscribe! http:…
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25 thoughts on “How To Duck Dive When Learning Surfing”

  1. I’ve been trying to duck dive out here in HI, I suck so i might as well
    give this a try since the last time I tried I got hammered by a six+ wave

  2. Probably one of the best instructions for duck diving I’ve seen on youtube.
    My little brother never understood what to do with his back foot until he
    watched this. Excellent video.

  3. Ive started using a long board recently to get back into surfing and I find
    it next to impossible to duck dive with it. The 6ft board fine no problems,
    anything 7’6″ or above is quiet difficult for me so answer your question I
    dont think so.

  4. Can you believe there was a time when D.D was some what shunned when it was
    introduced?It was 1977 when Richard Davis,R.I.P. ,brought this back from S.FL.My brother,who was 10 years older than me,and his group of
    friends,thought it was corny.It only took one paddle out in choppy
    conditions to convince my bro and friends.I was at the back of 6 surfers
    paddling out.I blew by my bro and his bros,caught up to my friends,who did
    D.D.and passed them up.I looked back and laughed and laughed.

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