Eye Symmetry Rapture Surfboard Review no.56 | CompareSurfboards.com

Quick and agile, The Rapture will have you up and going in no time in smaller surf. The Rapture is a performance oriented small wave surfboard by Eye Symmetr…
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5 thoughts on “Eye Symmetry Rapture Surfboard Review no.56 | CompareSurfboards.com”

  1. CompareSurfboards.com

    1. a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.

    A surfboard by Eye Symmetry.


  2. Hi be my i love watching your vids you are my idal and I was wondering what
    kind of short board I should get I have been ridding a mini mal 7″6 and now
    I am want to move to a shortboard I’m 60 kg I’m about 5″2 to 5″3 and I have
    an average hight beach break thanks

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