Nick Blair Cab Sav Surfboard Review no.7 |

An epic tiny wave weapon, this is the Nick Blair (Joistik Surfboards) Cab Sav surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom. Have you had a go? What do you think? + …

7 thoughts on “Nick Blair Cab Sav Surfboard Review no.7 |”

  1. I live in New Jersey, and I’m an average surfer who usually rides
    longboards. I’m looking for a groveler board because of the mushy waves I
    ride. I’m looking for a board that can generate some speed on the smaller
    sets, and maybe even get some air. I was curious if you would recommend
    this board or the Average Joe by CI. Once again thanks for your help.

  2. Saw a guy riding one of these out in Manly today. It was a bullet. Couldn’t
    believe the speed he got along with lots of good smacks off the lip.


    Hi Jeremy, as promised, the full dimensions and volume are now available.
    Please see the link in the description. Cheers, Benny


    Hi Jeremy, thank you for your message and for the good feedback – I really
    appreciate it! I am overseas (without the Cab Sav) but I am working to
    source this info. for you. I’ll add it to the full review at
    CompareSurfboards. Stay tuned… Cheers, Benny

  5. hey man love the reviews i was wondering if you could tell me the size of
    that board with the volume thanks love the reviews

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